Since Fall of 2011, we’ve moved seven times. The longest we’ve stayed in one single house was for 2 years and 1 month. We’ve lived in five different cities and two different states. During this time, Travis and I have managed to both earn our Bachelor’s degrees, with Travis continuing on to earn his Master’s degree, as well as bringing a beautiful little boy into this world. We’ve managed to buy our first car and renew our vows off the coast of Mexico. I started a small, but incredibly meaningful, job as a copy writer. I also started writing a science fiction novel (hopefully to be completed in the next 5 years). It’s been busy to say the least!

Travis and I both discovered what it’s like to struggle with the balancing act of life, while fiercely holding onto each other; if only to keep our heads above water.


We’ve always had a home within each other. It has been like a little love house, reserved for the tenderest, gooiest, softest parts within us. It is safe there in our little love house. Like a nest in the highest tree away from danger. When we get cold, we nestle in together because that is how we survive, by keeping each other warm and loving each other. That is how we live because all we have, day by day, is each other.

Everything is changing now in the best, scariest way. Our little love house, reserved only for the three of us, because it IS us, is now becoming more. It is becoming a physical place. Our nest is grounded for others to come into and enjoy with us. For the first time in 5 years I feel like I am physically home.


There has always been something about Washington that my heart yearned for, but when I married Travis it was like my heart started beating for the first time. We have explored Western Washington together and have started a deep love affair with everything it has to offer. The first time I drove up our new driveway I heard my heart thumping, saying “This is our home. This is where we belong. This is where you’re supposed to be.”

Our house has been lovingly named, The Rhododendron House, because it sits on an old Rhododendron nursery. Our little home is around 600-700 sq feet and is surrounded by 100 ft tall pine trees, Rhododendron bushes and pure PNW beauty. Squirrels, birds, rabbits and frogs have been our most frequent guests. Our kitties have enjoyed watching the wildlife outside too!

Now that most of the hard work is over, we can enjoy our sweet home a little bit more! Here are some pictures of The Rhododendron House!


Living Room




Dining Room


Dining & Living Space


We have a few finishing touches that we would like to get to within the next month or so (blinds are ordered, just waiting for them, and we would like to buy curtains and a new valance for the kitchen window). I am also going to paint the bathroom! I am excited to see everything all put together. For the meantime, our house is cute and cozy just the way we like it!

We are home.

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