Bathroom Project

The Rhododendron House is perfect for us. There is only one tiny problem: the bathroom. It closely resembles a cold, white hospital bathroom straight out of a 70’s Psych Ward. I knew from the moment we moved in that I would need to freshen up that space. Especially considering that it is our only bathroom.

We are currently renting our house, so there isn’t too much we can renovate. Just updating the paint has made it 1,000x better. From the smell, to the overall appearance, painting has been a major improvement! Our bathroom is now a space I can actually bear to be in!

Here are some before photos:


After Photos:


The photos aren’t the greatest, simply because our bathroom is SO tiny! I couldn’t stand in the bathroom while taking the photos, I had to stand outside the door with my camera above my head in order to get the right angle to show the entirety of the bathroom!

Overall, this little project took me roughly 6 hours total (or 3 of Beckham’s naps)! I spent about $50 dollars on all my paint and materials ( I had no brushes, rollers or anything before this). I could’ve paid less for paint, but I chose to buy a high quality, durable paint that wouldn’t absorb water and get mildewy. This was really important for the mere fact that our bathroom basically turns into a sauna when we take showers. We have to crack the window to prevent everything from getting wet!

I’m so happy with how it turned out! It was a fun project and I’m looking forward to more little projects to turn our house into a home!


3 thoughts on “Bathroom Project

  1. It looks lovely! I love that shower curtain…gorgeous colors. Our bathrooms are straight out of the 70’s too. One is pale green with yellow, and the other is pastel pink. Definitely need to work on updates like these.


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