Why Blogging Is The Ultimate Mom Therapy

My current marital situation is pretty unique. With Travis (my super hunk hubby) gone for a few weeks at a time, it’s easy for me to get bored and lonely. I imagine that I’m not the only Momma who has felt that way. Here are a few ways that I have found blogging to be the ultimate Mom therapy!


It Keeps Moms Sane

You know that saying, “If Mom’s happy, everyone is happy?” That could not be more accurate in this case. When I have a brain full of words, it’s like containing a flood while trying to manage everything else in life (namely a toddler). Writing and blogging have been an excellent way for me to keep using those brain cells (because talking to a toddler all day equals brain mush) and it also allows me express myself. Often times when I start writing that’s when I sort my thoughts out. Everything seems clearer to me after a good, coffee induced writing sesh.

It Makes Moms Feel Apart Of Something

The biggest challenge for me after having sweet baby B was feeling a part of something outside of motherhood and wifehood. I’m an educated, ambitious woman who LOVES to daydream, and I often find myself fearlessly researching new adventures, ready to jump in head first. While those are great qualities to have, I can’t do it ALL! There is only one of me, so I have to prioritize. Blogging makes me feel like I am doing something for myself and has also united me with SO many likeminded women. I enjoy reading their blogs, listening to their stories and getting to know them! I feel like I am apart of a supportive, creative and healthy community of women.

It Pays Off

If you want to contribute monetarily to your family, blogging can pay off! I’ve never made loads of money, but I enjoy making a few dollars here and there when I take on various writing jobs. It’s enjoyable for me and I feel like I am contributing to my family. I also love that it is work I can do from my home. My toddler is an amazing napper, which gives me time to think, edit and write without the stress (and money) of finding a sitter!

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It Can Help Moms Create a Portfolio

I started writing in High School and I’ve never stopped. It all started when I would get bored in class. I would create stories in my head. Since I wasn’t much of an artist, I would just pretend to take notes, when I was actually writing funny poems and fairytales. My motives for writing have changed a hundred times over the years, but ultimately I keep my portfolio in mind. I keep everything I write, even if I deem it complete trash. That way, whenever the time is right, I have all my writings together to show my hard work over the years. Maybe my little portfolio could land me a writing job someday? A lot of my blogging community is made up of stay at home Moms (SAHM). And many of them choose to stay home until their babies are in school or even graduated. Since blogging does in fact take a lot of work, it could be used to create an amazing portfolio someday and even land them a writing job when they are ready.

What other ways have you found that blogging is Mom therapy for you? Let me know in the comments below! Happy blogging!


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12 thoughts on “Why Blogging Is The Ultimate Mom Therapy

  1. These are so true. I just started blogging this month. My husband isn’t gone completely but works swing shift so 2 weeks he is on day shift and 2 weeks he is on second shift. He gets home about 3am goes to sleep and goes back to work at 2 pm so he does not see the kids at all Monday-Friday. Basically 6 months of the years I do everything on my own. So far blogging therapy has been great!


  2. Blogging is definitely my outlet. You don’t get very much human interaction when your home with the kids all day, so its nice to share stories and interact with one another.


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