How To Create A Happy Home For The Holidays

When thinking about the holidays, often times the first emotion to come forward is STRESS. While the holidays should be a joyful time, stress is usually there looming around some dark, stuffy mall corner no matter what. As a young Mom, I have vowed to make this special season a time of warmth, love and togetherness. I want my son (and any future children) to grow into adulthood with beautiful memories of their Christmas mornings. Here are my tips on how to create a happy home for the holidays!


Be Present

Creating a warm, happy home has nothing to do with presents and everything to do with presence. As an adult I rarely remember Christmas gifts I was given as a child, but I distinctly remember the special feelings that Christmas brought. I remember every single Christmas morning tradition and almost every activity we enjoyed together during the holiday season. I don’t remember who had the biggest budget or who bought me the “best” gifts. I remember the positivity, excitement and awe of Santa’s magic and his reindeer.

We often forget that children’s minds are simple. They don’t keep a tally of who was able to afford a better Christmas gift or who bought them the most presents. Children keep tally of who was there and how their family’s presence makes them feel. They might not be aware of it, but as they grow they will come to comprehend
that feeling within them.


PC: Markus Spiske

  • Take the time to play with them after the gifts are opened and show genuine interest in the items they are particularly excited about. Your children will love your attention and feel validated that what they are interested in is important to you too.
  • Before, during or after Christmas, take the time to do at least one family outing. Watch a live nativity, go iceskating,
    sledding or skiing. Or even take a drive to look at Christmas lights. Whatever you do be sure to bring the hot cocoa and extra marshmallows!
Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

So your Aunt Susie made her terrible fruitcake {again} that just so happens to give everyone the squirts. Maybe your roast was a little overcooked. And quite possibly your once beautiful Noble Fir has already dropped every single one of its needles {and all of its appeal}. So what? Someday these small, currently hellish details of your Christmas will make a wonderful story. Just think, 30 years from now you can tell your grandchildren how you had to throw that farking fruitcake out the window and replace it with one of your own before anyone noticed! I guarantee you will be smiling while you tell it!

  • Just breathe and remember that this day isn’t about perfect presents or impeccable food. It’s about being together and sharing joy, love and laughter
  • Maybe buy extra strength deodorant…because you know, you’re probably going to sweat
  • Have a drink! {No explanation needed}
Let Love Guide You


Give yourself and your family members a break. Let love guide you this season and it will surely radiate out of you. Try to be extra kind, extra gentle and extra genuine. Remember that you aren’t perfect and neither is anyone else. Embrace your flaws and love yourself. Seek happiness from finding blessings throughout your days instead of focusing on the stressful, negative aspects of life.

  • Be Slow To Anger-Love first, grumble later
  • Be genuine and kind in all of your doings, even if it means biting your tongue

I hope the holidays bring you much joy and love this season!

Merry Christmas,



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