New Years Resolutions-2017

As I look back on 2016, the most overwhelming image I see is growth. Everything that happened over the course of the year has taught me a lesson. Some lessons were no brainers, while others…well, the others left me feeling like a fish out of water, flopping its miserable, panicked self, all over a shit covered dock on a sizzling summer day. But even those lessons were valuable. I learned about my soul; who I really am and what God’s true purpose is for me. Every single lesson has helped me set more goals for myself, and let me tell ya, I won’t be messing around in 2017!


{Personal Goals}

Finish 5 More Chapters

img_0014I am currently writing a book, tentatively named The Experiment. Five chapters have been completed (with room to grow) as of August. My goal is to complete five more chapters by the end of 2017 and have the book published by my 30th birthday (September 2021). I quickly learned that I have to take this whole process piece by piece instead of swallowing it whole–which is a task within itself. I’m definitely one of those dive-head-first-do-way-too-much-at-once-ambitious kind of women.

Solo The San Juans

In order for me to finish the next phase of The Experiment, some research needs to be done. The Experiment takes place in the San Juans with its unofficial location being Guemes Island. I’m looking forward to taking a weekend trip to Guemes to do a little research, get a lay of the land and also learn some history of the area. The San Juans are rich in history and I want to intertwine history with fiction in a purposeful way. I also need zero distraction, which is why it’s important to me to be alone for a few days. I need to soak up every second that I am there to organize my thoughts, ponder, meditate, talk to the locals and take photos of everything so I can have a visual when I go back home.


Blog As A Source Of Income

I’m really, really, REALLLYYYYY looking forward to expanding my blog and making a little profit from it eventually. I want to get into a position where I can work from home if I need to and still support my family financially. I’m definitely not looking to get rich from it, but providing for our family in a way that brings me joy is definitely something I want to pursue. In the same breath, however, I want my blog to remain open, honest, spunky and fresh! I never want it to have a spammy feel, so my goal is to mix it up a lot. I want personal, inspirational and humorous posts mixed in with a few product reviews or sponsored posts here and there. Hopefully I can conquer that goal and give my blog a fun twist.

Continue To Be True

2016 was the year I found my voice. As the hours of 2017 appear, my hope is that I continue to be true to myself. Never again will I be silent about my heart, the ailing of my mind and soul or the truth of lessons learned. I know for certain that God gave us opinions and voices just as He gave us the ability to love and be loved. I plan to continue practicing both of those God given gifts.

Explore The PNW

Exploring the beautiful state of Washington is definitely a priority for me. Between hiking, taking road trips, and venturing over to the quaint little towns that are just a short drive from us is the kind of every day adventure this Momma craves! I also hope to fulfill my duties as a PNW Outdoor Women Ambassador more seriously by creating more opportunities for women in my area to get outside and enjoy the sweet taste of adventure!

{Family Goals}

PC: Brooke Richardson Photography

Be Together Again

My one and only family goal at this moment is to be all together again! We definitely have some other family goals for the year, but none of them can happen until all three of us are together. While Travis finishes his Master’s Degree in the first months of the New Year, we will be making plans to settle permanently and possibly add to our family! Travis is working HARD to get home to us and we are so antsy with anticipation!

2017 definitely looks like a prosperous year full of new adventures! I’m eager to see what this year truly holds for me and our family! Happy New Year!



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