Finding Love & Life In The PNW

It’s been four months since Travis, Beckham and I started our journey of living apart and moving to Washington. When we started this adventure, neither Travis or I thought we would be living in two different states for as long as we have. It’s been painful. I have always been truthful about that. Something that I haven’t been as upfront about is how many blessings have come our way because of our decision. As I reflect on the past four months, the pain and frustration has definitely been there, and abundance of blessings has always followed. Whenever I take a peek at what God has done in our lives, I understand that He has a plan and it’s working.


From the day Beckham was born I knew without a doubt we were supposed to live in Washington. Call it Motherly instinct or God’s will, whatever it was, I was determined to make it happen. As Travis worked his way through Graduate school in Idaho, the more antsy I became to put down our roots.

Here we are two and a half years after Travis started his Grad program and we are living in the beautiful state of Washington. Since we’ve been here it’s become apparent to me even more than I thought possible, that this is our home and I truly feel blessed to be here.

The Beauty of Washington


Not only do I see Mt. Rainier every time I drive to the grocery store, but I am right smack in the middle of a friggin’ paradise. I have the city at my finger tips, but if I want to go to the ocean, take a hike in a lush, old growth forest or relax in the country, I can do all of those things without much planning. I can even ride the ferry just for kicks and giggles. Or if I really want to have an adventure I can take the clipper (or drive) to Canada! We recently rode the train to Oregon and even went to the beach (post coming soon)!

Living in this unique area has given me a great appreciation for my home state. God knew my adventurous spirit would thrive here.

People, Culture & Education


I really worried that making friends in Washington would be difficult for me. After living in conservative SE Idaho for 7 years (on top of having zero social skills after becoming a mom), I wasn’t sure how I would adjust to the culture shock. It turns out God had a plan for that too. In four months I have only met three disgruntled and not so kind people (one of them did make me cry in my car, but I have since moved on haha)! Something that has made this easier for me is the YMCA. It turned out that I was offered a job at the Y almost immediately after we moved to Washington, and I started making friends right away. The Y is one of the most positive and uplifting places I have ever had the privilege of working in. Adjusting to the culture here in Washington wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I’ve creaimage1-3-copyted friendships that I am so excited to nurture and build upon!

A common attitude that I have found in my day to day life (that I have LOVED) is acceptance of differences. Because of the wide variety of people here in Washington, the community is understanding of the differences that make us human. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel like there is a genuine attempt to understand each other’s lives, cultures and backgrounds. And let me tell you, that is the kind of place I want to raise my family in.
In addition, this area is truly a wealth of knowledge. This was one of the most crucial reasons for our desire to settle in Western Washington. Whatever we want to study, research, find, explore–it’s right at our fingertips. Between community classes, museums, universities and local events, the people of Washington and the State itself do an AMAZING job making education accessible on every level. I am one of those people who really enjoy learning. Pursuing more education is still in the cards for me, although I haven’t made a definite decision as to how formal or informal it will be. Either way, I have plenty of options to choose from! I also didn’t want to be “stuck” to one option when it came to Beckham’s education. When the time comes, I want plenty of options to explore to find the right fit for him.

We’ve made time to venture out and enjoy what this area has to offer! We were gifted a year membership to Northwest Trek & Point Defiance Zoo. This was such a blessing because now we can go whenever we want! Beckham and I have loved the Ruston Way waterfront in Tacoma. It’s a beautiful place to go for a walk, look at big cargo ships and play on the little beaches scattered along the way! Also, the restaurants overlooking the water are SO dreamy and delicious!

Upcoming Adventures


As I mentioned previously, we rode the train to Oregon! I have already been looking at my calendar to plan another train trip down there! Sometime this spring or early summer would be amazing (beach camping anyone?) I am also looking forward to riding the ferry with Beckham soon! I’m just waiting for these cold, winter months to pass before we ride the ferry. It has a tendency to be freezing! Our next planned adventure however, is a fun, romantic getaway to our favorite bavarian town, Leavenworth!

Living in Western Washington is a dream. It truly is the epitome of PNW life! I feel like there is so much left for us to learn and explore. The countdown is on for Travis to officially graduate with his Masters and for the three of us to be together again! And let me tell you, I anticipate endless adventures!




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