3 Online Shops Moms Need To Know About

Every Millennial Momma out there has her favorite online shops, there is no doubt about it. With the increase in social media, new (drool worthy) small shops are popping up every day! Whether you are shopping for your little one or *gasp* splurging on yourself for once, every Momma needs to know about these unique and simply splendid small shops!

Softies & Such

Okay Momma’s let’s get real for a minute. As much as I love buying from small shops, rarely do I find ones that stick with me; ones that strike me and leave me thinking about them even after I’ve logged off social media. Softies & Such has managed to do that with unique custom dolls, rattles, pillows and more! The shop itself is run by a one woman, fierce lady boss with a brood of her own. Somehow Lindsay finds time to design and create every handmade item in the Softies & Such shop while supporting her hubby through school and caring for their children. I told you she was a fierce lady boss!



Lucky for me (and you!) Lindsay was willing to tell me all about Softies & Such! I actually grew up with this lovely lady, so when she launched Softies & Such I was so excited to see what she would create! I was thrilled to get personal with her as to why she started her shop. In Lindsay’s words, she says,

“Growing up, a big part of my identity was my brain. A lot of my self esteem stemmed from being ‘smart’. When I became a mom, all of my time and energy was spent taking care of someone else. Part of my identity disappeared, and in the quiet moments of life, I felt a little lost. I began sewing different projects just for fun. I taught myself, and surprisingly, caught on pretty quick! I felt like I was using that part of my brain again and it gave me great joy.  It makes me feel like me again.”

At some point, I know that every Mom can relate to feeling lost. I love that Lindsay grabbed the reigns and decided to create beauty. She ultimately decided to start her shop for herself, but has discovered how fulfilling it can be!


Just recently, she received a very unique and touching custom order. A potential customer reached out to Lindsay to create a doll in memory of her husband who lost his battle to cancer. This doll was to be given to the customer’s daughter to keep her father forever with her. The greatest part? The custom doll was to be fashioned out of her deceased husbands shirt, complete with a lovely message sewn on.

Lindsay described what the experience meant to her and how it impacted her.

“It was one of the most humbling projects I’ve done. And the mom and daughter were so grateful. Those are moments that I’ll never forget. I create unique items that can’t be store bought. They’re custom and personalized for each child. I love creating something that people want and need in their lives.”

As far as her favorite item in the shop? Lindsay simply can’t decide. And I don’t blame her! I’ve been on the Softies & Such Etsy site about a hundred times now and I want every one of her creations! Lindsay and I do agree though that her animal softies are absolute perfection! If I had to choose one, the fox softie would be my favorite one (hello spirit animal)! The lumberjacks are also to die for! As a boy mom, I am looking forward to purchasing one from her ASAP! If you are a Pacific North-Westerner, you need one of these lumberjacks in your life!


Head on over to the Softies & Such Instagram page or check out the Etsy Shop to find the perfect softie for your little bundle of joy!


Hello Knots

You know when you casually hop on Instagram and stumble upon a drool worthy account that gets you all sorts of frazzled? Hello Knots is one of those gold mines that you don’t wanna miss! McKenna, owner and creator of Hello Knots, is crazy talented and has an eye for simple, chic fabrics that make the best bows for your little princess!



Hello Knots was born from a daydream turned reality when McKenna decided she wanted to pursue something she loved while still fulfilling her role as a Mom! As her husband started the journey to create his own business, McKenna decided to join him and create a business of her own!

“I have always loved creating things and crafting!  For a long time, I have dreamed of starting my own crafting business. With limiting funds and more time on my hands, I decided there was no better time to start my business than now!”



All of the cute designs at Hello Knots are to die for (insert boy mom sobs)! These beauties can be ordered in two different styles: with a soft nylon headband or a reversible alligator clip. In fact, all bows from Hello Knots can be customizable! All of you girl Mama’s know the struggle of the bow, and Hello Knots gives you options that make everyone happy!



As a Mother to a sweet little girl, McKenna knows how fun it is to mix and match adorable outfits. It’s even more fun when bows are involved! To get your hands on her beautiful bows, check out her website!


Hyde The Wild

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, I find a small shop that leaves me glued to my computer, making me want to practically dump my wallet upside down and shake it out for every penny I have. Hyde The Wild, owned and operated by Heidi Ellsworth, is about to blow your mind.


Based in Arizona, this Mom of 3 wanted to financially support her family after her husband finished medical school (hello student loans)! What she discovered is that she had a hidden talent for watercolor painting! She decided to run with it and start her own business. Hyde The Wild is a beautiful shop full of custom designs featuring Heidi’s gorgeous paintings.



My favorite paintings are those featuring the love of families. I can imagine her dreamy paintings on my family picture wall, adding so much character to my home. But she doesn’t just stop there! She also makes amazing flash cards and story cards for children. Every set is made with love, designed by Heidi herself!



Heidi originally made the cards for her children, but decided to offer them in her shop for everyone to enjoy! She loves the feedback she’s received. Heidi says,

“[My children and I] have so much fun telling stories together, getting creative, flexing our imagination muscles, and just being ridiculous. I have gotten so much positive feedback from parents about time spent with their children, AWAY from tech & devices. And that’s my goal.”

Heidi says that she feels these cards have made a positive impact on the families that purchase from her. She says the same thing about her family portraits! When one family lost all of their wedding photos, Heidi had the opportunity to create a wedding portrait for them inspired from the only photo they had, a photograph taken from a phone!



To explore more of Heidi’s designs, visit Hyde The Wild and be inspired by her custom artwork!





2 thoughts on “3 Online Shops Moms Need To Know About

  1. Loved all three shops! How unique these moms are and to share their special talent with us all! Thank you! Wonderful article Lindsay!


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