L I N D S A Y 

She is the wearer of many hats. When she is at home, she somewhat graciously and sometimes awkwardly sports the hat of Mother and Wife. Her son Beckham and husband, Travis are her greatest blessings. These two light the fire in her soul and keep her smile alive.

When she is not sporting the hat of Wife and Mother, she is a writing-exploring-traveling-cheesecake loving-fun seeking lady. She marches to the beat of her own drum–just the way she likes it. In her down time, she is a day dreamer, looking for inspiration in funny places. She loves life and life loves her right back.

Lindsay earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation Management and enjoys teaching people about the holistic health benefits derived from recreation. Her love of writing started in High School and has grown ever sense. She is currently employed as a Copy Writer for The Baby Cubby and as a Health Coach for the YMCA.

 T R A V I S 

Father, Husband, wife-approved smarty pants and super hunk-a-saurus. Recent ISU Graduate with a Masters in Geosciences.


 B E C K H A M 

Certified only child and best bud to his Mom and Dad. Enjoys trucks, trains and planes. Also laying on cats. Does not enjoy dog kisses or baths. His favorite phrases are “Hey Babe!” “NO!” “Mommy, I Farted!” and “I Want Candy.”