Finding Love & Life In The PNW

It's been four months since Travis, Beckham and I started our journey of living apart and moving to Washington. When we started this adventure, neither Travis or I thought we would be living in two different states for as long as we have. It's been painful. I have always been truthful about that. Something that … Continue reading Finding Love & Life In The PNW


Finding The Joy In Motherhood

My experience with motherhood is that it comes with unexpected joys, thrills and times of complete madness. I remember feeling confused when my sweet baby was born. After about a week of sleepless nights, weird hormonal changes and having no idea what I was doing, I thought to myself–when will life go back to “normal?” Little … Continue reading Finding The Joy In Motherhood


Travis left this morning. The 600+ mile drive back to South East Idaho has been looming over me for days. At times during his visit home, I would be so comfortable, happy and content, then like a speeding train, the fact that his visit was coming to an end would hit me and catch me … Continue reading Onward